Zachery’s Upcoming Surgery

Zachery is taking a nap and after we are going to the urologist so they can give him a shot. He has to get a testosterone injection 5 weeks prior to his surgery. He was born with a defect called “hypospadias”, which basically means the hole he pees out of is not at the tip of his penis, but at the base. There are different degrees of hypospadias, most of the time the hole is along the shaft or close to the tip, and sometimes the case can be severe as in with my little guy.

We knew he had this when he was born, the doctors told us it occurs often, 1 in every 300 male births. Perhaps being born a week early could have contributed to this but we’ll never know why it happened. We saw an urologist in December for a consultation and we knew the procedure would be done around his first birthday. It still came too early. 😦

Our last visit two weeks ago went well. The doctor took a look at everything and said we would set surgery soon. They want him as close as possible to 20 pounds and he was just shy of 18 pounds at his last check up. The weight is important in regards to anesthesia. That is the element of this procedure that worries me the most. I know they do this procedure a lot and many other surgeries that involve anesthesia to babies much smaller than Zach.

Fortunately, the doctor is very good with communication. His bedside manner isn’t the greatest and he’s a busy man, but he keeps up on medical journals and knows his stuff. He will return my calls and answer any questions I have. It’s also reassuring that he is going to be having day surgery in a hospital that has one of the best pediatric wings in the country. He spent 6 days in the NICU at the same hospital when he was born and they are really great.

Oh, I should also mention that the testosterone injection is not something they do very often. The doctor has found that by doing the injection before surgery it will enlarge his baby manhood a little and that will increase the success rate for the procedure. There are no long term effects known. Originally he wanted 2 injections, one at 5 weeks and the other 2 weeks before the procedure. He also said the would use .02ml for each injection. However, after attending a medical conference last week he reduced it to one injection and only .01ml. Their recent findings showed no difference in one or two injections and the smaller dose was still as effective.

I believe I have rambled on enough. If you have any questions about this condition or if you have some knowledge about the procedure or infant surgeries please comment and share if you don’t mind.

Below is an illustration of hypospadias. Zach’s hypospadias is considered “perineal” as you will see in the picture. I got the picture from the health board in New Zealand. It’s one of the best sites I have found explaining the condition. You can visit it by clicking here.


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