3 Day Refresh: Day 2

I woke up on Day 2 and weighed myself right after emptying my bladder (which is what my doctor said was the best time to weigh yourself). Down 1 pound. Woo hoo /sarcasm.  I guess I should have expected it though, I mean, I did have that cookie after all.

No biggie, I’m used to that evil scale taunting me. So, I started my day off right, nice glass of water and a yummy glass of Shakeology (with cherries!). Ahhh, deliciousness in a glass.

Fiber Sweep time was next. I had went to the playground with my son to meet up with some mommy friends and their kids earlier. So I got to the Fiber Sweep about an hour later than usual. I mixed it up, sat down and checked Facebook. Then I went to drink it and- oh my God!! This disgusting glob of fiber lay in the cup, so much thicker than molasses. I was horrified. How in the world am I going to be able to drink this now? It’s almost like a milkshake; a fiber shake *gag*. I had another glass of water and chased it with each drink I could take of the Fiber Sweep; it felt like I was chugging applesauce, but like 100 times worse. If you take one thing away from this entire experience, chug that Fiber Sweep- FAST

Needless to say, I had lunch much earlier than I should have. I had to get that taste out of my mouth! I did wait like 35-40 minutes. The Vanilla Refresh was much welcomed, along with my apple, hummus and cucumber. I had cucumber and hummus as a snack later.

Dinner was another Vanilla Refresh (I added nutmeg- it was okay) and dinner was the same as yesterday: veggie stir-fry. I felt great in the evening and was not hungry at all. I did struggle with wanting to snack out of boredom- one of my personal demons. However, I managed, thanks to many other tasks I have to do in my day.

So, that was Day 2. Everything was fine except that horrible experience with the fiber sweep. Please, please, PLEASE remember to chug that stuff down quickly if you do this program. Learn from my mistake!

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