3 Day Refresh: Day 3 and Final Results!

I started this morning the same as before. I hesitantly got onto the evil scale and to my surprise: -2.8 pounds! Holy crap, that was a great way to start off the day.

Meals were pretty much the same, although this time I remembered to chug that fiber sweep like a college kid at a keg party. Ahh, college days paying off in more ways than one. The fiber sweep was much more tolerable this time around. The first day I blended it in ice because I read it on a blog somewhere and it wasn’t terrible.. but kind of grainy. Looking back though, I would either use the blender or chug chug chug. If you blend it you don’t have to worry about it morphing into something like an alien foreign substance. I think I’d still drink it fast just to get it done and over with.

I skipped my afternoon snack because I honestly forgot! How does that happen when you are consuming less than 1000 calories? Probably because my lunchtime I had reached my fiber goal for the day. But I really wasn’t hungry and that was just insane to think about.

F I N A L    R E S U L T S

This morning, after Day 3 I weighed myself and was down another pound. So in total I lost 4.8 pounds in 3 days. Not too shabby. It definitely has motivated me to stay on track. As far as energy goes, I kind of feel the same really. Then again, I have a toddler so I’m not sure if that’s a fair assessment. Overall, I think it’s a good program if you need to kick start your workout/diet or if you need a little motivation. I honestly had no gas or unpleasant issues, but I was eating healthy for a while and slacked off 2 weeks then got on this program. So I’m not sure how it would work for others but I’m confident that the results would be worth the effort.


If you have any questions or comments about this program or others please email me or contact me on my Beachbody page.


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