My name is Amanda. I am married and have a son. I am originally from Ohio and moved to New England in 2010. I randomly chose to move to New England because I loved the city of Boston and I kept getting signs directing me to move there. Fortunately, I was working for a company that had a location near Boston so I did some research, packed up my SUV, dog, and cat and drove the 730 mile trip with just the paycheck I received the day before.

I originally moved here not only for the city, but I had a love interest in the area. The love interest suddenly made himself unavailable shortly after I moved and I found myself incredibly alone. There were nights that I cried and wondered why I had moved away from all of my family and friends. I literally had no ties to the area, and I was still far away from Boston that I didn’t get to visit often. However, I pressed on and 6 months later I received a promotion and things started looking up.  I was able to move out of my room share shortly after that and started to regain a sense of independence. Then I met the man that would become my husband and our life was put on the fast track.  Almost two years to the day I had packed up my SUV to find a new life in New England I found myself married and about to give birth to our son.

I am a firm believer of following your heart. If it weren’t for the failed love interest, I would have never moved from Ohio and would have not met my wonderful husband or had our beautiful son. So get out there and follow your dreams!!

Our family in June 2013


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