Kitchen Remodel

Below are photos of what our kitchen looked like before. And by the way, this was not my kitchen!!

IMG_20130712_140913_814 IMG_20130712_140855_385 IMG_20130712_140624_011 IMG_20130712_140610_411 IMG_20130712_140553_624

And here is the after!

IMG_20140226_114056_416 IMG_20140226_114111_980 IMG_20140226_114124_182 IMG_20140226_114135_934 IMG_20140226_114200_593 (1)

The sink was moved to where the windows originally were. There were 2 old windows that were replaced with the one above the sink. I picked out the funky red light above the sink and I think it goes great with the kitchen.

The refrigerator was moved to where the original sink was, and the new dishwasher is where the fridge was before. We have a very small pantry closet built between the fridge and the door that leads to the basement and in-law suite.

We kept the original refrigerator (I decorated it with Coca-Cola magnets) and we did get a new stove, microwave, and a dishwasher. The new appliances are all GE, from the “Artistry” line which is a retro style. It was perfect for our theme! The floor is vinyl and it is easy to clean and soft. The squares are also 9″ instead of a standard 12″, which were great for the size of the small kitchen. The cabinets are laminate and the knobs are ceramic red. The counter tops are a red laminate. The walls were painted ladybug red by Benjamin Moore.

My corner cabinet is my miniature “showcase” of some Coca-Cola cookie jars and a couple of hot rods made from Coca-Cola cans- handmade and purchased on Etsy.

I still want to add more Coca-Cola to the kitchen but right now this is what it looks like 2 months after the remodel.

I am a very lucky woman! My in-laws paid to have all of this done and they let me have the freedom to do things the way I wanted. I couldn’t have asked for a better kitchen and I am so grateful for what I have.


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