Mini Coupon Guide

So you want to save money but you don’t have time to sit there in your living room floor clipping coupons and assembling a binder organized by categories. I understand completely! I was in that same boat before, and now with a toddler it is near impossible to stay organized!

First of all, you need a system of organizing the coupons you will clip or order (we’ll get to that part next). If you have the time you could purchase a heavy duty binder, baseball card sheets, and then sort out your sections by category. However, I know you’re busy, who has time for that?

So here’s my suggestion: envelopes. Grab a few envelopes and label them with the stores you frequent most. I have envelopes for Target, Stop & Shop, Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid. This way when you get your coupons you can put them in the appropriate envelope and they fit easy into a purse.

So coupons. If you have a printer you can print your coupons. You would be surprised what coupons you can print! Also, you can print in black and white if you don’t want to change your color cartridge all of the time. Websites that you can print coupons:, Red Plum, and Smart Source.  There are a ton of others, but those are my top 3.

My favorite method is to order coupons online. While it’s illegal to sell coupons, these companies charge for their time and effort in collecting and sending you coupons. Coupon prices vary from .05 to .20 each depending on the value of the coupon. For example, $1.00 off of a product is generally .08 while $3.00 off would be about .15 or .20, depending on the popularity. The great thing about the following sites is you can order 1 coupon or 100, and the shipping is a flat $1.00 for loose coupons. You can also buy whole inserts for a little more. Coupons Clipped Cheap and Twin Clippers are a couple of my favorites.  They are from PA and VA so if I order Sunday night I’ll get them by Thursday. There are many others out there that you can find simply by conducting a Google search.

Do you want to get the most bang for your buck but you don’t want to scour through the Sunday sales ads from each store? Then let me introduce you to Living Rich with Coupons and Coupon Mom. LRWC is a wonderful site with so many cool features. You can go to the grocery tool comparison and type in “Huggies Diapers” and it will show you a list of stores with sales for that item and then once you select the stores it shows you the price, what coupons are out there (with links to said coupons) and what your deal is. There is also a “shopping for free roundup” organized by store as well as pages with paper products and diapers.

Coupon Mom is great because of the organized store lists. You do have to sign up to become a member, but it’s free, and so useful!

Once you find a deal you are going to use, write it on your envelope! For example: “Viva Paper Towels 8ct, $1 coupon + $1 store coupon + $5 gift card when you buy (WYB) 2” Or you can write anything really, even if it’s just the item you are buying. It’s that easy, right?

I should also mention printable coupons can be printed twice from each computer. To save paper, 3 coupons print per page, and if you print from target’s coupon site you can print 4 per page. Usually you can print the offer again once the coupon resets, which is usually monthly. The coupons on the very last page of the site will show the last coupons you printed and which ones have reached their limit.

That’s my mini guide (guess it wasn’t so mini) But really here’s all that you need to know:

-Sort coupons in envelopes by store and write the deals on your envelopes
-Order your coupons online if possible! Printing is also a great option!
-Check the local ads by going to sites that have done all the work for you

I encourage you to read the ads also, and all of the stores have their ads on their websites now. There are so many ways to save the most money, but by doing these 3 steps you’re sure to save more than what you were before (which probably wasn’t anything!)

In the next few weeks or so (depending on renovation and holiday craziness) I will try to develop pages for each store and the information about their coupon policy, the different ways to save, and anything else useful.

Hope this helps!!